Vinoth Distributors
New No: 37, Old No:75
Thirupalli Sreet,
Chennai - 600 079.
Tel: 044 4204 9082
Mobile: 98411 16666
Basmathi rice exportesr
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We are a new partnership firm established for whole sale Basumathi rice business in and around Chennai city. The firm is promoted by Sri K.R.Padmanabhan and his family members, who are in the whole sale rice business for the last three decades with an annual turnover of more than Rs.30 crores.

With the brisk economic activity, industrialization and improvement in the personal disposable income of the population of Chennai city, there is great demand for Quality food and there is mushroom growth in the Star hotels, luxury Street hotels, eateries and fast food chains in the city. The population of Chennai is ever increasing and the demand for staple foods is every increasing.

The promoters who are already in the Rice whole sale business for the fast 3 decades and having whole sale rice shops/godowns in Kothwal Bazaar, Sowcarpet, Vadapalani, Ayanavaram etc have now decided to venture into the whole marketing of Basumathi Rice which is in great demand in the market.

We have tied up with a reliable north based suppliers of Basumathi rice for a regular and constant supply of Basumathi rice for our whole sale trade. As we are already in the rice business and having regular customers from star hotels, luxury hotels, establishments and retailers, we have lot for enquiries and demand for Basumathi Rice, According to our own estimates, the market for Basumathi Rice is expected to grow at the rate of 30-35%.

We have, based on market pulse and enquiries, estimated the market potential for our new venture, “Vinoth Distributors” at Rs.15 crores in the first year and thereafter with an annual growth rate of 20% conservatively against the real potential of 30-35% growth in demand. Accordingly for the current year we estimated sales of Rs.15 crores and for next year 2010-11, the sales are projected at Rs.18 cores.

By way of partners capital and other investments from partners in the firm, brought in funds to the tune of Rs.125 lakhs and by next year it is likely to be hiked to beyond Rs.150 lakhs. To tide over the working capital requirement, we are now applying for O.D. facility of Rs.125 lakhs from your Bank. Apart from personal guarantees of all the partners, we are ready to offer our own land and building in the heart of the Chennai city with a market value of more the Rs.400 lakhs.

  • 10 Branches in Chennai city
  • 25 Computers with Online Net Work with UPS
  • 120 Mobile Phone Net Work
  • 30 Land Line phone Net Work
  • 270 Employees
  • 4 Administrative office
  • 30 Goods carrier
  • 25 Hi Capacity godowns
  • Through out TamilNadu & Pondycherry Dealer Net Work
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