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Basmathi rice exportesr
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About us
Vinoth Distributors has established itself as a processor of world class basmati rice. The premium brand of basmati from the company is adored by all and consumed by those who value taste and expect nothing but the best. In synergy with prevailing market dynamics, the company offers premium basmati rice and par boiled rice to suit tastes.

Vinoth Distributors has contributed significantly to giving Basmati Rice a high level of acceptability across the world. Today, Vinoth Distributors is synonymous with high quality Basmati Rice. We are one of the largest exporters of Pure Basmati Rice. Our product "Trophy Royale" is delight to global consumers.

The local market being opened to the world and rich fusion of ethnic customers and food habits of modern world, led to international development of basmati rice industry. This gave vinoth distributors a great opportunity to grow and establish itself as a leading distributor of basmati rice.
leading distributor of basmathi rice
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